GymFun – Our ‘serious smiles’ approach to Gymnastics

GymFun Gymnastics Club

Founded in 2005, GymFun Gymnastics Club is a Newtownabbey based Gymnastics Club that specialises in recreational gymnastics, inclusive gymnastics and trampolining. We provide fun-filled classes, training, participation and performance opportunities for boys,  girls, teenagers and young adults of all abilities.

The name GymFun reflects our approach to the sport of gymnastics.  Our motto is ‘Serious Smiles' which captures the spirit of all of our activities.  We focus on developing children's FUNdamental movement skills and confidence through a positive and FUN environment.  We emphasise the mastery of gymnastics skills rather than competitive success. It is our belief that all children, regardless of ability, should be provided with an enjoyable, high quality, recreational gymnastics experience.  We strive to ensure our classes are run to the highest standards and we are constantly evolving our programme.


Our Membership

GymFun is one of the largest recreational gymnastics club in the Newtownabbey. We have over 450 GymFunners training with us every week! Our members include primary and post primary boys and girls of all abilities.  Most members attend once a week for a one hour class.  Some members train up to 2.5 hours per week.  Gymnasts progress through 4 levels (Enjoy - Learn, Perform, Master) of the GymFun programme at their own pace.  As our members get older we work closely with them to plan and structure sessions that will meet their motivations and needs.  Many of our teenage gymnasts are also training as  GymFun Leaders  through membership of our newly formed Young Leaders Academy

Quality Marks

At GymFun Gymnastics Club, in keeping with our 'Serious Smiles' approach, we believe in providing professional recreational gymnastics provision and strive to ensure that our member's gymnastics experiences are as positive and happy as they can be.  GymFun is the proud recipient of the British Gymnastics 'GymMark' accreditation.  This quality mark is in recognition of the safe, child friendly, effective environment we have worked very hard to develop. We hope that this accreditation helps reassure parents and carers that they are choosing the right club for their little GymFunners!

In late 2018 GymFun became one of Northern Ireland's first clubs to have been awarded the British Gymnastics Equality Standard accretitation.  Affirming our committment to provision of inclusive, fair and equitable experiences to all our members regardless of their potential or ability.

Our Coaching Team

GymFun Coaches are amongst some of the most experienced recreational coaches in Northern Ireland.  Many of our coaches (Sinead Connolly,  Ann Marie Dalton, Kelly Morrow, Pippa  Davis, Molly Davies, Holly Sweeney and Sinead Mooney) are actively working for British Gymnastics  (as Development Officers and/or Tutors and/or Assessors) and help to develop the sport across the province through this work.  The majority of our coaching team are studying sport at undergraduate level at Ulster University.  Education, training and continuous professional development are a focus for all of our team.  We hope this committment to constant learning, improvement and change is reflected in the quality of our GymFun classes.


GymFun Student Employability Programme

Developing the gymnastics coaching workforce is one of our priorities at GymFun. We work in partnership with Ulster University and British Gymnastics NI, delivering the GymFun Student Employability Programme.  This programme is unique in the UK and is the most signficant contributor to recruiting, training and deploying new coaches into the sport of gymnastics in Northern Ireland.


Irish Football Association Partnership

We are also working with the IFA Young Girls Excellence programme.  This work involves providing gymnastics specific strength, conditioning and flexibility training to the IFA junior girls squads.  Through this innovative initiative it is hoped that the young aspiring footballers will enhance their fitness, physical strength and body management and in turn lead to improvements on the pitch!

GymFun Awards and Recognition

National Awards (UK wide)

Shortlisted - Inclusive Gymnastics Award (Kelly Morrow)  - British Gymnastics National Awards (2019)

Runner-up: Club of the Year  - British Gymnastics National Awards (2016)

Runner up:  Coach Education Award  (Sinead Connolly) -  British Gymnastics National Awards (2016)


Northern Ireland Awards

Winner: British Gymnastics NI, Inclusive Gymnastics Award - Kelly Morrow  - GymFun Disability Lead (2018)

Runner up - Coaching Programme of the Year - Sport NI Sports Maker Awards (2018)

Winner: British Gymnastics NI Services to Winner: Gymnastics - Sinead Connolly - Club Founder (2017)

Runner-up: BGNI, Inclusive Gymnastics Award - Kelly Morrow  - GymFun Disability Lead (2017)

Winner: British Gymnastics Northern Ireland Club of the Year (2015/16)


GymFun Gymnastics Club

NI Club Award

GymFun is a Newtownabbey based gymnastics club
GymFun  Gymnastics Club is a Newtownabbey based gymnastics club


GymFun  Gymnastics Club is a Newtownabbey based gymnastics club


GymFun Gymnastics Club


GymFun Gymnastics Club


GymFun Young Leaders Academy

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GymFun Gymnastics Club

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GymFun Gymnastics Club

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GymFun Gymnastics Club

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